27 Top Modeling Websites

written by Charles Alston

A friend of mine recently asked me to recommend a modeling site to which she could post her portfolio. At the time I had limited exposure to the online market for such places, so I began looking at things that might help an aspiring model begin their career. I have commented of portfolios, how to gain exposure, and the common modeling scams that are out there, so now I will make an effort to discuss the modeling sites that I have found through my research.

ModelMayhem.com - This website is touted to be the most popular modeling website on the net. When you Google modeling websites, Model Mayhem will top the list almost every time, so I am sure the site gets a lot of traffic. Their front page has buttons for Browse (This is the general search feature for the site) , Travel/Casting (If you are travelling or just looking for a shoot, this is the link for you. Post where you are going, what you are seeking, or just check what casting calls are available.), Forums (A fairly comprehensive list of modeling topics ranging from a newbie forum, to advice from experienced models.), Shout (This is essentially a blog/messaging board for members of the site.), Contests (Pic of the day-there are 3 of these, pic of the week, photographer of the week, and digital artist of the week), Shop (Where you can buy ModelMayhem gear, modeling accessories, and modeling prints.), and Edu (This is the link to their library/modeling education blog.).

In the main body of the front page you also notice links to some VIP models, educational articles, and photographers. They also have modeling announcements, and comments from some of their VIP models. Overall Model Mayhem seems easy to navigate, and can be informative if you are willing to take the time to look through their forums and articles.

This website is what I would call a Tiered site, meaning that it offers multiple levels of access depending on what you need, or are willing to pay. Their current tiers are Basic, Premium and VIP. At the basic level you have limited ability to post photos, profile information, and private messaging. As you climb the tier you get more access to the site features. If you wish a complete list of the differences check out this link: ModelMayhem.com/help/tier .

NewFaces.com- When you go to their front page, you see nothing of the initial content of the site and are given 3 options: sign up, login, or help chat. If you do not initially wish to do this, you may browse the buttons that are given at the top: Essentials (where you have basic site information), Get Cast (which is about casting calls, contests, and modeling specifics), Connect (which is about networking both professionally and socially), Find Talent (this is your basic search feature for the site), Shop (this is where you buy merchandise or find tips from the pros), and The Scoop (the websites news and propaganda).

Although New Faces has a tiered system, there are very few features with the non paying account. If you do not pay, you only get 1 photo that will be ranked beneath all other account levels, limited access to forum and chat, limited access to the industry but you do get your personalized space. To get any other feature of this site you must pay to have access. Click here to see what the prices and features are: NewFaces.com/packages-talent.html

PureStorm.com I have to say that when I clicked on the link from Google to go to this website I was impressed by what I initially saw. If I was a beginning model, this site would have great appeal. There are numerous model's pictures on the front page, forum's postings itemized and easily accessible new member sign up to show that the sight is dynamic; casting calls posted prominently, and this is before you even check out the tabs which are join: search, casting call, forum, and articles. The fact that they have examples of the information to be found in each tab on the front page, to me, is a very good idea. There is no guessing at what the content of this site will be.

Once again we have a tiered site. But surprisingly, there is no available information on what you get as a free member. I find that extremely interesting. As a free member you would get less of everything than the lowest level of paid membership, which is the silver level, but I would be guessing you would actually get and I do not want to do that. My only recourse is to post the link for the upgrades and have you check them at your leisure. This is the only real negative I see for this site. PureStorm.com/paymentUpgrade.aspx

Models.com - When I went to this site, I was immediately impressed with the quality of the front page. A large rotating window for some of the sites more quality models; links to current media and articles; lists for top features of each category on the site from models to photographers; alphabetized model and people finder; and a interesting feature called models contacted by an agency. Talk about a site that demonstrates how it will benefit their subscribers.

Like Purestorm, Models.com provides on its front page a sample of anything that the site might offer. So whether you go to the tabs, or use the click access features on the front page, you will easily be able to get to any content this site has that might tickle your fancy. The tabs are for Ranking (models, icons, studios), the news (just about any media imaginable), directory (models, agencies, photo reps, make up), and members (signup, my account, and search feature).

Models.com is what is says, a completely free site that provides a medium for models and clients to meet and establish professional relationships. This is an extremely well designed website which seems to have established a respectable niche in the online modeling community.

MuseCube.com- When I first clicked on this site, I was surprised to see a number of racy photos for the models that were featured on the front page. This did not create an initial welcoming feel for the website, but suggested that it was rather a grittier forum for the display of modeling images. The Front page displays all of the sites recent activities and they are divided into numerous categories that are easily accessible.

If you do not wish to peruse the front page, there are plenty of tabs from which to choose: Services (Where you can find the explanation of the different levels of the website), Forum (the websites consolidated blog features), Search (the websites search engine), Help (where hopefully you can get your questions answered), Popular (site rankings based on what is hot according to members), Critique (Where you can judge a person's portfolio, Spotlight (Where you can post images to different folders to display to the site), Marketplace (where you may purchase content from any member of the site who is selling), Travel Place (where if you are travelling you can say where and when you are available for work), Work Listing (current listings of job opportunities), and Studio Rentals (A list of place from around the world that you can choose to have your shoot.)

This site is tiered and has 6 different levels ranging from free all the way to Pro Hosting. The Free account will give you 2 portfolios with 5 pictures each. The paid levels are: basic which only has a yearly purchase rate, plus, plus hosting, pro, pro hosting. The perks of each level of the website are described here: MuseCube.com/portfolio_hosting/ .

OneModelPlace.com When you first look at the front page of this site, you don't see anything that is different than their competition until your mouse wanders over the area listed for new and updated models. When your icon crosses any name, you get a pop- up with the model's name, image, and physical measurements. It was pleasantly surprising. In addition, the site's layout is concise and you can readily find any information that you might be seeking.

There are ways to navigate the site at both the top and the bottom of the front page. The Drop Menus are: Search ( models, artists, photographers, studios, etc), Galleries (featured model, new model, model of the day, even nude model of the day), Casting Calls (both commercial and personal), Forums (no menu, it is actually a button to take you to the forum), Blog (a button which takes you to their blog about all things modeling), Community ( articles, more blogs, competitions, workshops, events, comments and whose online), Help (FAQ, how to promote yourself, contact us, and current guidelines to the website) and Login. There are quick links to former competition winners, articles, OMP's blog, and a slideshow of models. At the bottom of the site there are a great number of subject headings you may click to go to various parts of the site.

As far as access is concerned, One Model Place is a tiered site with a free membership, and 5 paying levels. They are bronze, silver, gold, platinum and platinum plus. The main demarcation between the levels is the number of pictures in the portfolios ranging for 4 in the free membership all the way up to 501 for the platinum plus. Here is the link which lists the paid levels, their prices, and their features: OneModelPlace.com/faq_index.cfm

Jurgita.com When you first go to the front page of this site, you may suffer from information overload. There are pictures, links, buttons, and navigable tables. This site started out as a personal website and then became a modeling magazine. Then it became a portfolio hosting site, and now is also a modeling network page. You name it, you can find it somewhere on the front page, LOL. You see categories of Models, Aspiring Talent, Industry Professionals, Photographers, and Modeling Agencies.

There are more clickable link categories on this site than any other than I have reviewed. The first set is news (this is a link to articles posted to the site on a variety of topics, some of which are modeling related.), topics (do not understand the need for this link because it takes you to the same places as news.), forums (links you to a nicely catalogue group of modeling related forums.), readers (this link takes you to the members area who are presumably the readers of this site. It also contains the sites search feature for models.), and blogs (links you to the community blogs of the members of the site).

The second set is magazine (click on this and you are returned to the front page of the website.), model industry (click on this and you get to a section on the modeling industry including articles, blogs and model related materials.), beauty and care (this is a link to a load of body and care related articles.), fashion and me (Following the theme so far presented, this is a link to all articles that are fashion related.), and nation voice (another link which brings you to the general blog of the site).

Finally we will discuss the main portfolio feature which has been broken into 5 areas which can be accessed from the top or bottom of the page. These areas are: models, industry professionals, photographers, aspiring talent, and modeling agencies.

Jurgita is another tiered site and has 5 different levels of access. They are bronze, silver, gold, VIP, and the last which is an appointed level called moderator. Bronze is the free level while silver, gold, and VIP are all paying. If you land a Moderator account it is because you have been selected by the website for this level. I must congratulate Jurgita on the fact that they took their time to clearly explain what each level of the website will grant you, and you will find that information here: Jurgita.com/articles-id371.html

ModelManagement.com This site touts itself as a model managing network which provides features to help models and clients come together for mutual benefit. As you browse the front page, you will get a sample of everything that the site has to offer, and it is presented in an easily accessible format. You can find links to models, agencies, photographers, articles, blogs, and even known companies which use this site to hire models. They have a list of casting calls, and photo sessions at the bottom of their web page, and they even have a link to models which have been discovered on their site.

If you don't want to click on the individual links all over the page, you may choose to use the site navigation tabs which are as follows: Models (you'll find links to models, pro models, new models, memberships, photographers, and photo sessions), Agencies (Here you will find the agency search feature, I am an agent, and the types of Agency Memberships on the site), Photographers (This category includes the photographer search feature, I am a photographer, schedule a shoot, and the photographer memberships), Casting (This section will show you how to see castings and how to post a casting call), Membership (This section describes who can be a member, and the different types of memberships), News and Style (This will take you to either the site's media page or the site's style page), and Blog and FAQ (This will take you to either the sites blog or it's FAQ).

This is a tiered site with 3 levels of membership: Basic, Premium Starter, and Premium unlimited. The basic membership, which is free, pretty much does nothing but list you on the site, making it pretty much useless. The Premium starter gives you access to most features, paid monthly, but does not include advice from the professionals on the site. The Premium Unlimited has every feature of the site, but for some strange reason can only be paid as a yearly purchase, not a very encouraging way to prompt people to sign up for a year. Here is the link that describes all the option you get with each level of membership. ModelManagement.com/public/site/model_memberships

iStudio.com- First and foremost this site was purchased by www.OneModelPlace.com in 2010 and there are many concurrent features to both sites. Their front page has a concise layout, and they even have their own commercial that you may watch. If you look closely at the bottom of the page you will see the link back to OMP, and in the lower right hand corner you will see that Istudio is owned by them.

This is a free site and what is amazing is that you can have 5 lists of up to 100 photos for each, and you may even post videos to those lists. Istudio has a very simple format, and you have a good variety of subjects from which to choose on the front page. Their buttons are very straight forward and are as follows: Browse (this is a detailed search feature for the site's database), Castings (a very comprehensive list of modeling opportunities), Forum (A well designed forum where you can find a wealth of information for the aspiring model.), Login (I guess this is here if forgot to sign in on the front page.), Join (This is of course where you register for the site.) Istudio is one of the most complete free sites, and its affiliation with OMP does not hurt.

Modelinia.com This is not a portfolio site, but rather a modeling promotion site for the modeling industry, and most specifically for Modelinia. You may create an account but only to personalize your experience on their website. You are not allowed to upload any content to the site.

The main features are of the site are the articles on the modeling industry and the tracking of the models listed on their site. Categories on this site include: Fashion (This link is all about how to rock a look), Beauty (Here you will find articles and videos on how to capture the beauty secrets of the modeling industry), Lifestyle (Learn all about the perks of being a high end model), Charity (This is where you learn how the models have given back to the world for their success), Blog (This is where the models and members go to express their opinions, gossip, and give advice), and Models (This will take you to a variety of listings of the 264 models currently on this site).

ModelURL.com When you click on this link and arrive on the front page, you might first think that you are on a Tumblr page because the format is so similar. This is a very simple free sight that essentially ranks the most popular pictures and models that are within its database.

On the top of the front page you will see 6 tabs from which to click. They are Home (returns you to the front page of the website.), Explore (This is the search feature of the website that allows you to look for anything on the site based on categories.) Casting and Travel (This where the casting calls are posted and you are able to search for calls or view ones already posted. You may also post when and where you are travelling and if you are interested in a shoot while you travel.) , Photos (This links you to the most popular photos currently ranked by the site.), Forum (Industry and community forums on modeling.), and Resources (Information on Agencies, Casting, and Modeling Advice.)

TheModelBook.com This is a pay site in its fledgling stages and the only pertinent information on the front page are the list of newest models that have joined the modelbook and the number of free memberships left before it becomes an all pay site, or it restricts what access you get for no fee. At the time of this review, there were just less than 8100 of the initial 20,000 free memberships left. It is not surprising to note that the 14 new members that are listed on the front page all chose the lowest level of the membership tier since it was the one offered for free.

If you wish to navigate this site, there are a number of links from which to chose: Home (This, of course, returns you to TMB's front page.), My profile (This link takes you to personal information on this site.), Member Search (This takes you to the database search feature which has both basic and advanced search criteria.), Advice Center (Here you will find a great many links to subjects concerning modeling and related concerns.), News (Where you will find out news about features and upgrades coming to TMB.), Gallery (Where the website displays the newest paid members.), Store (Where you can buy items with TMB's logo, and other modeling paraphernalia.), Membership Levels (A list of membership levels, pricing and features of the tiers of the website.), How to use TMB (A unique features which helps you understand how to maximize your use of this website.), Chat rooms (Links you to a login in screen to gain access to site chat rooms.) , Testimonials (Statements from members who have benefitted from their exposure on TMB.), Sponsors (Businesses which support TMB.), FAQ (have questions about TMB, click on this link and discover your answers.), and Contact (Submit your questions to the webhost here, or find a means to contact them off of the internet.

TMB is a tiered site with 5 levels of membership. The levels are bronze, which is free for the moment, silver, gold, platinum and super platinum. These membership levels differ mainly on the number of photos allowed, and the contact features permitted. Here is a comprehensive list of the features offered for each level: TheModelBook.com/membershiplevels/

TheModelingApp.com This is another newcomer to the modeling community, and this site is taking a unique approach to modeling media. TheModelingApp touts itself as the only modeling search engine for either the iPhone or the Android Market. Being properly skeptical of this claim, I Googled it, and sure enough, almost everything listed was for 3D images, but TheModelingApp was the only search type engine that was listed human modeling that I could find.

Promoters, Agencies, and Modeling Websites are allowed to list their models for free. I guess this is an effort to increase the number of models available on their database. It seems like they are acting as a middle man between the models and the prospective clients. Apparently the way they will make their money is through the models. Though the first 10 models of any city who sign up for the site do not pay a yearly fee, those who do so after that threshold is reached will pay a $50/year listing fee. Once again we have found a website which is attempting a unique approach in a effort to establish their own niche in the modeling community.

ModelNetwork.com This is a website that is primarily geared for the professional model. It is by far the most comprehensive site that I have seen. There are 9 different categories from which to choose: Model (Get Online, Agencies, Services, and Directory), Photography (Get Online, Photographers, Photo Representatives, Industry Resources), Production (Get Online, Crew Members, Production Companies, Post Production, Equipment and Supplies, Support Services, and Unions and Associations), Style (Get Online, Stylists, Hair and Make-up Artists, Manicurists, and Industry Resources), Actors (Get Online, Actors, Casting and Auditions, Talent Agencies, Industry Resources, and Casting Directors), Dance (Get Online, Dancers, Choreographers, Magazines, Organizations, Performing Groups, and Schools), Music (Get Online, Musicians, Record Labels, Film and Video Production, Directors, and Song Writers), Fashion (Get Online, Event Producers, PR, Designers, Accessories, Cosmetics, Perfumes, Manufactures and Magazines and Media), and Art (Get Online, Artists, Guilds, Magazines, Museums and Galleries, and Representatives).

Promoters, Agencies, and Modeling Websites are allowed to list their models for free. I guess this is an effort to increase the number of models available on their database. It seems like they are acting as a middle man between the models and the prospective clients. Apparently they way they will make their money is through the models. Though the first 25 models of any city who sign up for the site do not pay a yearly fee, those who do so after that threshold is reached will pay a 50/year listing fee. Once again we have found a website which is attempting a unique approach in a effort to establish their own niche in the modeling community.

SuperModels.nl This is a free portfolio site that allows anyone to post pictures and information of themselves for anyone to peruse. Just from looking at all the advertisement on the front page, you can readily discern that this site is heavily geared toward the female models. There is a clickable alphabet near the top of the page which allows you to seek specific content.

The main features of the home page seem to revolve around a list of new models to sign up to the site, and they are on the left hand side of the screen. In the center of the home page you have displays for industry news, gossip and fashion, and even model home cooking. There is even a rotating ad for various kinds of makeup.

In addition, there are numerous tabs that might grab your interest: models (This a link to the alphabetized model list from the site.), agencies (This is an alphabetized list of agencies based on their countries of origin.), brands (This is an alphabetized list of brand names.), forums (This is a link to their articles and blogs.), members (This is a link to the sign up page.), sign up (This appears to be the same link as the members link.), and contacts (This link appears to be broken, but should lead to a FAQ and contact information for the website. This site has a large international presence.


ModelingAdvice.com- This is exactly what it says. It is a website dedicated to informing the up and coming model about the modeling industry. It has a very straight forward front page which lists links to their authors answering the common questions most aspiring models have. The main draw of the home page are the clickable links which questions most new models my ask.

There are also 6 prominent tabs starting at the center of the page and moving to the right. They are as follows: MA info (This is a listing of basic information on the site and hyperlinks to answer the questions), Modeling info (this is an article explaining the basics of the modeling world from the point of view of a model and then of an outsider.), Special Info (There are two articles written by the founder of the website that give her insights into modeling.), Resources (These are links to resources that the founder considers might be of use to the aspiring model.), Portfolios (When I first saw this, I thought there would be actual photos, but no, it is just a page where you can purchase the actual portfolio binders.)

If you are new model, you can definitely benefit from the wisdom on this site. It is easily accessible, well formatted, and written in an straight forward style. Spend a few hours and soak up the information here, and you will find yourself just that much better prepared to face the modeling industry.

www.BobPardue.com- This is another modeling advice page, and of all I have reviewed so far, I find that in my opinion, this is one that is the most genuine and complete. It was created by the photographer Bob Pardue, and I found it while I was doing research for an article I was writing on modeling scams. As an industry veteran, he freely shares his knowledge with no other intent than to protect and inform up and coming models. His insights and concerns are apparent in all of his features.

His front page is a directory of information for his website. There are several articles here which discuss the basics of the industry, and then there are links on the left hand side of the page. The articles which are presented there are far too numerous to detail in this review. But his home page is quite lengthy, and what is not covered there is touched on in the links to the left hand side of the page. I would highly recommend this site to the beginning model.

ModelResource.com- This is a Canadian based modeling information site that was founded in 2001. There are 5 main categories on this information found here: Home (a link back to the home or front page.), Agencies (A listing of agencies based on geographic location.), Featured Models (Lists the top men and women featured on the site.), Modeling101 (There a whole lot of subject headings here, hopefully some of them will contain the information that you are seeking.), and ModelResource+ (This a link to a blog page on modeling.)

The home page has many links to articles, interviews, and blogs. There are also links to their top male and female models. Though it has a nice lay out, it seems to be specifically targeted to a non-US market, so other than the informational pieces, there might not be much here for the American model.

PlusModels.com- When I first clicked on the link, I was expecting to see a website dedicated to large women pursuing modeling careers. What a shock when the page loaded and there was not a large woman in sight. Though Plus models got its start in large women, it has since “grown” to include women of all physiques. Then as I read further, I discovered that this is an information site only. There are no portfolios, or videos. If you want advice or encouragement, this is the place to go. There are numerous articles on beginning in the modeling industry, and even a section on how to deal with rejection. I would call this site the Oprah Winfrey of modeling advice.


DNAModels.com- This is not a portfolio site as might first have been suggested by its rank. It is rather a place where you might have your pictures posted after you have submitted them to the site for a decision if they wish to post them. The site is divided into men's and women's galleries. I am not sure what criteria they use to determine if photos are worthy for this site.

Net-Model.com- This is a very low key, free bulletin style website that is simple and straight forward. You sign up, fill out a small survey of your stats and your modeling interests, and do not even have to post a picture to your profile. You may than browse the content of the other users and talk to any other member and began the process of modeling. There is not much else to this site. What you see is what you get.

EliteModel.com- This is another of the websites which was on the ranks list for portfolio websites which is not as it is listed. This is a hyperlink site for Elite's modeling agencies. They have locations in Miami, New York, Lost Angeles and Toronto. You may click on each location for more information on the city of your choice.

OneTalentSource.com - When I first arrived on the site, there was no doubt that this was an advertisement for a talent agency and not a portfolio site. The front page shows a map of all the offices of One Talent Source around the country. The purpose for registering at the site is to attempt to funnel you to one of their offices.

The tabs on their front page are divided into groupings for models and actors, agents and clients, and photographers. The categories are self-explanatory. The rest of the front page is dedicated to links to testimonials of those who have had their success owed to OTS. If you wish to check this page out, you will be left with a good feeling, but not much else that I can tell.

ModelLaunch.com- Not much to say about this site. It has a very basic front page layout, and it seems to be free. This is the first site that I have attempted to review that insists that you have to be able to log in to browse any of the features of the site. The only information that you can obtain at all on the front page are samples of what you will find in their forum.

www.HowToModel.com- Sigh! This is a promotional site that attempts to convince you of the need to purchase the book by Aaron Marcus: How to become a successful Commercial Model.

www.Model-Kartei.de- For those of you, who understand German, feel free to check this site out. Unfortunately, I am not fluent in this language.

Well this concludes our tour of the modeling sites that I was able to find while doing a fairly comprehensive search with the Google search Engine. The sites that stood out most in my mind were One Model Place for their overall layout and comprehensive approach to a modeling website. Jurgita for their easy to navigate site, and their complete transparency for what you will get for the money. And for ingenuity, TheModelingApp, for its unique approach, and creation of a modeling app that can be used as a platform to try to integrate all modeling sites at your fingertip. Good luck with your future career in modeling, I hope this helped you get a glimpse of the modeling sites out there.